How many of your girlfriends frequent the saloon or the spa like it’s their second home? How many times do you find yourself spending your last $30 bucks on a mani pedi rather than buying groceries? Guys wouldn’t understand but to most girls, a visit to your trusted spa is just as important as a trip to the gym.

Going to the spa isn’t always about being vain, it’s simply our way of pampering ourselves after a week of hard work or just to give our confidence level a little push.

There are many spas out there that offer various services other than the traditional body massage and so on. Dyanna Spa in New York is one of the oldest spas in town. They began providing waxing services back in 1983 and are still doing well up to this very date. What makes a business last in such a competitive industry like this? Trust. And that is exactly what their foundation is. They have been rated various times as the best brazilian waxing spa in Manhattan.


They even have a separate spa for our male friends out there. No more awkward encounters, just walk in and get that fur pulled with ease and confidence at the Male Brazilian Waxing Centre in NYC. 

And if you’re feeling like giving your hands and feet some love, drop by their nail salon, rated as one of the best nail salons in Manhattan.

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