One of the most profound joys of student life besides the hustle and bustle of studying, taking notes and memorizing lessons is irrefutably a gap year. Popularly called as a sabbatical year, students spend this one year of their lives before going to college by taking up extra-academic courses, learning a new trade or simply signing up for internships in locations all around the world. This period can be both exciting as well as invigorating where students look forward to living in cities mostly alien to them. While one can get excited as soon as the gap year arrives, here’s a list of essentials you should carry along to make your gap year not only hassle-free, but also the most memorable period of your life.

ZiLu 13000mAh Powerbank 


Our travels are not complete without us carrying a myriad of gizmos right from portable music players to dig-cams; from iPads, iPhones to tablets. The list goes on. You might not always get a place to charge your gadgets, e.g in a forest or just plain wilderness. In such situations, an external battery pack or a powerbank will supply the much needed juice that your gadgets need. ZiLu Powerbank is one the best reviewed powerbanks in the market. On a full charge, it has a holding capacity of 13000mAh which is more than sufficient to charge many gadgets at one go.

Silk Sleeping Bag Liner 


You might have a sleeping bag but it is worth considering buying a Silk Sleeping Bag Liner. These liners are not only light in weight, easy to wash but also quite compact enough to shove it in your backpack. One of the main advantages of using this liner is that it effectively prevents mosquitoes and bugs sucking out your blood while you try to get your body to rest. They are breathable too, which means that you will feel comfortable even in hot and humid weather.

Upright Wearable 


It is a general notion that only the elderly suffer from the clutches of back pains, but these pains can affect even youngsters if proper care is not taken. While you are travelling the world fully indulging in the pleasures of the gap year, your back might sometimes have to bear the brunt of your travels. To counteract this, use a wearable called – Upright. It is a wearable device that keeps a track on your spine position (posture). If you happen to slouch, it gently vibrates asking you to correct your posture. You only have to wear it for a quarter of an hour (minimum) and connect it to the mobile Upright app which keeps a tab on your progress. You will notice that your posture improves considerably over time.

Lifeventure Travel Locks 


Theft and robberies are ubiquitous while travelling abroad and it goes without saying that equal amount of attention has to be paid to make your backpack and other belongings theft-free as possible. Lifeventure Travel Lock for your backpack is one such essential that will not only keep your precious backpack safe from conniving thieves but will also give you the much needed assurance that your stuff is safe. Go in for TSA approved locks when travelling through the US as TSA officials can open these locks and lock them again without having to break them. Your best bet would be either the Lifeventure TSA 4-Digit Pack Lock or TSA 3-Digit Pack Lock.

Ecoflo Water Bottle 


Your gap year might bring you into situations where you don’t have easy access to water that is safe for your health. You might be traversing across areas where you don’t have the luxury of buying bottled water. So what do you do if the only water you can drink is from a pond or a lake? Ecoflo water bottle can purify such types of water and make it fit for drinking. These portable purifiers are known to eliminate 99.9.% of water contaminants and produce around 150 gallons of tasty water with each filter. The bottles are manufactured from non-leaching, 304 food grade, lead and BPA free stainless steel. Ecoflo bottles are not only light in weight but also look quite sporty making them an indispensable part of your gap year packing list.