We all know what fund raising is but just for the sake of it, it’s simply the event/activity where a group of individual pool a certain amount of money for a particular cause. For instance, there’s a lot of fund raising going on to support the children suffering with cancer right now.

On the other hand, there are also other ways of raising funds when we look at the other aspects of the industry such as raising funds in the form of “crowdfunding”.  This is usually a term used to support ventures/projects such as musicians, small business, etc. which is often done by raising small amounts of money through the public, usually from the internet.

It’s hard to determine which ones are genuine and which ones are just “gigs” to simply raise ‘personal’ money. With the amount of companies out there, it’s almost impossible. This leaves genuine fund raisers at a huge loss. But there are still certain companies that literally do not charge anything for any significant fund raising that you’re up to such as We Share CROWDFUNDING. They don’t even have hidden charges and you only get what you’re promised with.

Drop by their website to find out more, wesharecrowdfunding.com/futureyouth.