Situated just less than 15 mins walk from my place, I decided to try out this authentic Lebanese and Moroccan restaurant. It’s right next to Tesco in Kensal Rise or a few minutes walk from Kensal Rise Station in London.

Despite the restaurant being small in size (In London terms, it’s perfectly okay) and a shabby outlook on the outside, as soon as I stepped in, I fell in love with the decorum. They had warm lights and a lot of golden touch, it really gave off an Arabic look. To complete the feeling, they played a soft arabic music in the background.

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I ordered their Lamb Shish with Rice from their grill and fresh orange juice. For starters, I ordered Calamari. I’ve never had a full Arabic meal before and so I wouldn’t be the perfect judge for its authenticity. All I can say is I enjoyed their food so much that I went back for more! 😛

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The second time I went there, I had the Comptoir Mixed Grill which included Lamb Shish, Lamb Kofte and Grilled Chicken with Rice. I went there both for dinner and yes, I eat a lot of rice.

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I loved the large serving of vegetables on the side and the chilli sauce they gave, in fact I asked for another bowl of sauce! The meat was soft and well cooked, the guy who served the meal was really polite and checked on me to see if everything was alright. My favourite would be the grilled chicken. Also, the size of their serving is quite a lot for one person (my opinion), by the time I finished my meal, I was so full I had no space for dessert.

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When it comes to price, I would rate it as ££ as you can get a two course meal with drinks for two in about £40.00.

The only thing I wish they could improve on was their serving time. They take quite a lot of time to cook the food although they served complimentary olives.

P.S. Book in advance. The first time I went there, almost all their tables were already booked so I had to sit on a “borrowed” table and had to return it in less than an hour. The second time was a lot less busy though I booked the table just 2 hours before.

Long Story Short:

  • Food – 4/5
  • Decor – 5/5
  • Service – 4/5
  • Price/Value for money – 4/5

Stay tuned for more restaurant adventures in London! 🙂



Mandy x