We all know directing a movie is not a piece of cake. It’s not at all easy to create a masterpiece where you’re handling humans rather than brushes and paints. It is indeed an art.

But what I admire more are those people who direct and act in their own movie. Being the director, editor, actress, etc. all at the same time is something.

Cleo Tellier, born in Montreal, Quebec on October 26, 1994, began her acting journey as a child. Although she is currently studying Film Production at York University, she had previously attended dubbing classes at Syllabes Academy and acting classes at Armstrong Acting Studio. Now, she has made several appearances on TV, one of the most prominent would be in Virginie. Also, she has been a part of many commercials, both on international and national scale.

When Cleo was asked why she loves what she’s doing, what she said was remarkable.

I don’t make films because I like it or because it’s fun. I make films because I have to… Otherwise I’m gonna die. Because that’s the only way I know to express myself.

In fact, she recently directed her first movie. This 20-year-old wonder woman is not only a great actress-cum-director but also, a professional figure skater! And not only that, she can speak several French dialects too.

We definitely need more people like Cleo in this world. 😉

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Be inspired. 🙂

Till next time, <3

Mandy xx