Hooray, I found an official photographer for this blog!!

Hi, Nav! 😛10553355_1572871362943382_7526049637695914791_n

Anyways, I’ve known this guy for over 4 years now and he’s been my best friend since then. BUT now, he lives 999999 miles away. 🙁 In the land of the famous Maple Syrup!downloadWith the uncountable and overly sophisticated gadgets these days, anybody can capture a good picture. I, myself, was captivated by photography, once upon a time. I was just 14 back then when I got fascinated by the clarity of my DSLR. I took pictures of almost everything I saw.

Yeah, they were good.

Obviously. 😛

But that was merely because my camera was good. Not because I saw the subject in a different way, not because I wanted to tell a story. I think when photographers click a picture, they somewhat go into their own ivory tower and comes back to earth with a piece of their world. Just like how writers vanish into their own fortresses as they assemble the cluster of thoughts in their minds like a puzzle waiting to be solved.

It takes more than just an expensive camera.

This guy is just 17 years old. And he’s already developing the eyes of a photographer! You’ll see. 😀

Let’s look at some of his oh-so-beautiful works. <3





This picture kind of takes me back to our grandfathers’ days. It’s amazing how one picture can narrate bags of visual tales.


And my personal favourite! Because of the title, haha. I love how he captured the old bicycle over the haystack, it seems like the poor thing is left out to rust. Just like how we humans forget the old things we once loved for the new ones we find!

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