Chinese tea has long been known for the long list of benefits it carries. It has been featured in various books and in fact, some celebrities are quite a huge fan of them. Many of the health cautious community recommend Chinese tea mainly for aiding digestion which is probably why it has been so popular and of course, the top notcher in the world of slimming teas. However, that’s not the only wonder it has. This magical drink is also known for its stress relieving elements and as well as to improve blood circulation!

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Here are some scientifically proven benefits of Chinese tea:

Polyphenol an anti-mutation factor that can help DNA to reproduce correctly.

Epigallocatechin 3-gallate or EGCG is a kind of Catechin that help in reducing the risk of cancer.

Theanine a type of amino asid, has been proven to reduce stress.

Theobromine an alkaloid that can stimulates the heart, widen blood vessel and promote urination.

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