A unique space for Candle lovers, Candles Space is a platform where candle buyers and sellers are all welcome! This extraoridnary way of sharing each one’s idea via trade is the perfect way to encourage the passion of candle creators. It is an art that needs to be admired more!

All of their candles are homemade which simply means they are all created with love. Available in many different and one of a kind design with fragrance, it’s impossible not to find one that will suit your personality. I myself have fallen in love with the ‘Wake the F-Up Cappuccino Soy Candle’! What a fun way to light up my room!


There are tons of choices to choose from, it’s also the perfect gift for friends and family!


Grammy’s Pumpkin Pie Organic Soy Candle


Grandpa’s Pipe: Tobacco & Vanilla Bean Organic Soy Candle


Fresh Undies: Downy Dryer Sheet Organic Soy Candle!

To see more and get yours, visit their website now!

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