Did you know that one of the major causes of fire at home are candles? According to the NFSA, 10,630 home structure fires caused by candles in the U.S. were reported between 2007-2011. Also, they have been the cause of deaths that could have otherwise been prevented. In London alone, many people have suffered from unintentional fire accidents accounting up to an 8% of the fires in Britain in the past years.

But who can we blame? Candles are the best things in the world in terms of grace and beauty. It’s incredible how the soft lights can light up an entire room and change the atmosphere from boring to romantic. Oh, and the various fragrances that they come with is just a bonus.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if candles didn’t come with consequences at all? If we could just leave it on for the whole night and not worry that the curtain might catch fire…

What’s not possible in our world today?

Scentsy Products brought the candle business to a whole new level. These products are hand-crafted and probably the safest candles you’ll ever find. Scentsy candles are made of wickless candle warmers. This means that they don’t produce fire and contains no lead/soy. It’s the only candle you can keep next to your curtains!

Of course, choosing to be safe doesn’t mean you have to compromise with style. Their products range from a variety of designs and with the perfect scent of your choice. Don’t forget to pick up your favourite scentsy bar, break them in pieces and add it to the candle warmer. Simple as that! Your room can now smell good, look good and feel good.


Scentsy Products also make the ideal gift for any occasion. Birthday? Valentines Day? New year? Doesn’t matter, you can customise your gift from the design to your very own scent. It’s not only pretty but also personal. If you’re not feeling creative at all then just get the Gift Certificate! 😉

Hold on, you must be wondering…

What is so special in Scentsy Candles? Well, first of all, their candle warmers don’t use flame at all. 

But what kind of wax do they use? They use a special kind of high quality wax that has a low melting point so the scent can make its way out in the air.

And how do they burn? Scentsy candle warmers use low watt light bulbs to warm the waxes just enough for the scent to be released and yet, not enough to start a fire! Clever, huh?

They don’t only offer candle warmers but also other classic home products such as room sprays ranging from as sweet as “Cinnamon Vanilla” spray or as bizarre as the “Mystery Man” room spray. Fresheners are also available in spray bottles, scent circles, travel tins and etc. for as low as $3!


Don’t miss out on the Laundry Products, I would totally love my clothes smelling like Lavender all the time. They have laundry liquids, dryer disks and even washer whiffs.

The most adorable thing about scentsy products are their scentsy buddies! They are huggable and of course, unlike your ordinary teddy bear, they smell great ALL THE TIME. These scentsy buddies come with scentsy pak (the heart of your teddy) and all you have to do is squeeze your buddy to make it smell great. Sweeeeet!


Head out to http://hookedonscents.com/products/ now! Shop online and avail the lifetime warranty!

Have a safe and wonderful night/day wherever you are :*

Till next time, <3

Mandy xx