Staying in a hostel isn’t new to me, I’ve stayed in a boarding school for over 5 years that sharing a room with a stranger does not rattle me anymore. BUT. Staying in a hostel in a new country for a whole different purpose other than education, well, is an entirely different story.

I was a little skeptical with hostels because it was my first time to book one for the purpose of travelling. I’ve always stayed in hotels and resorts in my own private room but since I was aiming to keep my budget student-friendly, I had to book Budget Backpackers. And I have no complaints, no regrets.





Budget Backpackers is conveniently located at the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland. Many popular sights like the Royal Mile, Old Town, etc. are just a stone’s throw from the hostel. Just gear up with your walking shoes, there’s a lot of going up and down in EDN.

In fact, I only had to take the bus once during my entire Edinburgh stay (to see the Royal Yacht and Botanical Garden).

If you’re coming from the Waverley Station, it’s a quick 10 minutes walk to reach the hostel. From the airport, you’ll have to take the bus 100 OR take the tram to the Waverley Station and then walk to the hostel. Don’t worry about the 10 minutes walk, you wouldn’t notice how time flies once you set foot in this magical city. Don’t miss the great Edinburgh castle en route the hostel!




I stayed in an 6-bed dorm and it didn’t feel like 6 people were sharing the room at all. I’ve gone back and forth the hostel a couple of times during the day and found myself alone in the room. Most of the guests  came back late in the night simply because there’s just so much to do in Edinburgh.

There’s a wall-fitted reading lamp and a charging station right next to every bed. You can easily fit your backpack in one of the lockers in the room and if you happen to have a big suitcase like I did, you can always keep it in the luggage room downstairs. Just ask the staff for the token and they would willingly give you a couple for free.

The shower/bathrooms were clean and had hot water at all times although the shower cabinets were a little too small. The first bathroom I went to didn’t have lights and the showers were out of order but there was another one in the other end of the floor which was within a spitting distance of my room. They also made sure that there are bathrooms on every floor so it was very convenient.



The hostel had a lounge area where you could play pool or hang out with your friends at a cabin designed like a funky bee hive in the middle of a jungle (the first picture on this post). There are also sofas and chairs right next to the food-truck inspired stall where you could get fruits, sandwiches, drinks and etc.

There’s free wifi at the hostel but it didn’t work properly in my room. It didn’t matter to me because I already had sim card with internet from London. But fret not, you can always chill around the lobby with their free computer access or go to the second floor “tree house lounge”. There are bean bags and comfy sofas for you to relax and the spiral staircase going up there makes it all the more interesting. Watch out though because it tends to get a little crowded during the evenings.

The hostel also gives you vouchers/coupons to the pubs around them so you’re surely kept occupied during your stay. You can pick it up anytime from the reception, the staffs are so friendly and outgoing you wouldn’t feel like you’ve just met them at all!


Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 14.12.11

Note that the picture above shows a booking for two people.

Budget Backpackers was so much more cheaper than staying in a hotel and for their price, I’d say it was a really good deal. I stayed in Edinburgh for 3 nights and I only paid £46! The first night was for £20 while the consecutive nights only costed £13. I’m sure if you book well in advance you can even get it for a cheaper rate than that. Check the updated prices on their website below.

Overall, my experience at Budget Backpackers was excellent. Would I ever go back there again? Definitely.


Mandy x