bloggersBlogging to me isn’t just putting my feelings and experiences into words. To me, it is a way to interact with people from any part of the world they may be. It’s about sharing moments that somehow relate to the life of others. 

In our world today, the number of bloggers are countless. Everyday, there’s a new blog out there that’s hoping to be discovered. We all share the same passion and we, together, build a small little village where all of us are just the same. Blogging has changed many lives to an extent that it’s making its way to changing the world.

Chantelle Pidgley, for instance, a model blogger who believes that beauty comes in all sizes and that nobody should be ashamed of their own bodies.

She believes that blogging plays an important role in breaking the social norms. Modelling is no longer about being Size Zero. Stereotypes will soon just be a thing of the past. 

2747_793a303b747142dba2582074ec32d57bAccording to Chantelle, everyone deserves a chance to shine regardless of your background. It’s up to you to let the beauty from within be visible on the outside. Smile more often and be even more beautiful!

Drop by her website to know more about her or you can also follow her on Instagram by clicking on the icon below! 🙂


Be Inspired. 

Ciao, <3


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