If you’re in England, it’s quite impossible to not visit the Blackpool Pleasure Beach. It seems to be the best amusement park in the country. I went to see it myself with my friend and indeed, the place deserved its high ratings.

We left London just before 6:00am from London Euston Station via Virgin Trains. We wanted to reach the park early and try out all the rides. The entrance ticket wasn’t very expensive though the train ticket was quite pricey, even after booking it in advance online.


The train ride took almost 4 hours including the stop (change of platform) at Preston Lancs. I recall having an argument with my friend as to how cold it would be. I’ve lived in the Philippines and I’ve always found it colder next to the sea-side while on the other hand, my friend convinced me that it was going to be warmer using scientific terms. And so I wore a thin jacket, enough to battle London’s weather but not the insanely cold winds of Blackpool.


The Tram (or was it a train?) dropped us just a few minutes walk to the entrance. The wind welcomed us and let me tell you, it was horrible. The sights were amazing, it was an entirely different world from the rush in London but I couldn’t enjoy it because my hair never sat in peace while I struggled to wrap myself in the little warmth my scarf gave me.

On the good side, you will eventually get used to your ice cold cheeks and the burning sensation of your eyes. There were more than enough distractions that made me forget how cold it was. The shops outside were like colourful boxes and it felt like entering an animated world.


We reached just before the park opened which gave us the time to get our Unlimited Ride Wristbands and eat a box of the famous English Fish and Chips. The que to the entrance was quite long although they immediately cleared up once the park opened at 10am.


We also bought VIP passes online rather than upfront (cheaper!) for about Β£24 (I don’t remember exactly, haha) which meant that we didn’t have to line in the que for the rides. I downloaded the app on my Iphone and it allowed us to book the rides 10 to 15 minutes before therefore allowing you to do something else while waiting for your turn instead of standing in the line. Once the time was up, a bar code would show up and the staff would then scan it and you’re good to go. Just show up at the rides when you see the barcode on your screen and they would put you on the ride before everyone else.

The first ride we got on was the Infusion. One of the best rides they had. It was insane. They threw us up and down in the air in FIVE loops. I literally felt my world turn upside down. After the ride, I was in tears. Shocked at what just happened. But then I loved it.

So we went for another thrilling ride, the Revolution. With the amount of stairs we had to climb to get on the ride, I was already breathless even before I sat on the seat. I thought to myself “It’s just another roller coaster ride.” Yes indeed, it was. Until the ride stopped for about 5 seconds only to pull us backwards. And that was it. We went through the loop with our backs turned, the train hardly lasted long but it left me speechless.


Both the those rides were my favourite amongst all the rest in Blackpool. In fact, we went on the Revolution again. πŸ˜‰

We also went to the Go Karts, we had to pay an extra Β£10 since it wasn’t part of the wristband deal. To be honest, I didn’t really like it. The only thing we did was drive in circles. Ideal for kids, I suppose. If you’re into real Go Karting, you’ll find one outside the park when you walk around Blackpool.

The park closed at 5pm and by that time we already tried about 90% of the rides. We missed the one that we had come for, “The Big One”. It lived up to its name, the ride was gigantic. The ride was closed due to the wind’s strength though they said once the wind’s speed lowered down, they would open the ride. It never did. Deep inside my heart, I was grateful it didn’t because honestly, it scared the daylights out of me. πŸ˜›


There were also little as well where you could play mini games and get a prize like a teddy bear. I got 3 little teddies although we could probably buy one or two big huge teddy bears with the amount we spent playing on those.


I also met Nickolodean’s Spongebob and Patrick! Well, at least the mascots. πŸ˜€ We went to The Nickolodean World and found other characters too, like the Rugrats. Unfortunately, time didn’t let us try their rides. I got in the park with my hair sleek and tidy, I got out looking like Einstein. A piece of advice: sport a ponytail and wear a windbreaker when going to Blackpool. The wind and the rides will drive you out of your sanity.


As we walked around Blackpool, we realized to enjoy everything there, a day trip wouldn’t be enough. We asked around for the hotel rates and much to our surprise, the average was only for Β£20 each a night including breakfast. So much more cheaper than the cheapest ones in London!

There’s one thing I wouldn’t forget. My friend bought an ice-cream at this stall and I had one doughnut from the same shop. The doughnut made me want to walk all the way back there to grab more! It literally melted in my mouth and it was the best, THE BEST, doughnut I have ever had in my life. I regret not taking a picture of it, I don’t even know the shop’s name πŸ™


Our train back home from Blackpool was at 7pm and there was nothing much left to do so we walked to the station and waited. It was unbearable. We felt like we were shoved in the freezer to die in the cold. We sat there in silence, taking in the long day we had and regretting booking the return ticket at 7. πŸ˜› But then, we got on the 6pm train and fortunately, they didn’t ask for our ticket! OOOPS.

We waited at the Preston Lancs station where we had baguette and finally got on the train to London. The best part was, the train barely had passengers which meant we had the priority seats with tables to ourselves!

Ah, what a day.


Anyways, if you wanna hear more of my adventures,

Stay tuned! πŸ˜€

See ya! <3

Mandy xx