Hi y’all!

Hope you’re all doing well! 😀

Well, as told by me in my previous up, I’ve been trying out restaurants in London because you know, I love food. 😛

But before I share my food trips, I’d like you to know that I am not paid at all by the restaurants to advertise their places. I’m simply doing this for the heck of it and honestly, because this is what I love to do. Yes, eat. And duh, write 😉

Soooo. I’d probably start with the most recent restaurant that I visited and probably catch up with the one’s in the past when I find a free time. Trust me, there’s a pile of work to do.

Bill’s at Southern Terrace Restaurants

Few days ago, we went to Westfield Mall in Shepherd’s Bush to buy a ticket for the Fast and Furious 7 in advance (btw, one helluva movie!!! 10on10!) and as me and my friend walked to the bus stop, we passed by a couple of restaurants in Southern Terrace Restaurants, just right outside the mall, you’d never miss it. We couldn’t help it, we just had to go and try one of them. They were all so inviting, it was impossible to resist. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind having dinner in every single restaurant at Southern Terrace in one night had I been blessed with a wolf’s appetite and a tree of money growing in my backyard. Ohwell.

What was so alluring about Bill’s was that the ambiance felt as if you were entering another era. It was like going back to the days when people used vintage candle light holders or simply shared meals on a sophisticated wooden table with soft lit candles in mason jars. The aura was what won our hearts against the other beautiful restaurants just steps away from Bill’s.

The music in the background was something you really wouldn’t notice and yet made a lot of difference. I don’t really know if it was just me or was it because they had Bose speakers installed all over the place? So classy, eh.

I ordered Bill’s Peri Peri marinated chicken with winter slaw and sweet potato fries which was for about £11.95 (if I’m not wrong) and a bottle of Bill’s Pink Lemonade. 

My friend on the other hand ordered a Sirloin Steak with peppercorn sauce, fries and watercress salad for about £18.50 plus £1.00 for the sauce. Note that the steaks at Bill’s are aged for not less than 28 days and chargrilled. Hmmm. :O

I’d rate the Peri Peri to be about 8/10. It was a pretty amazing meal but I just felt like the chicken went a little short on the flavour side. Not that it was bland, the chicken was bursting with flavours but what I mean is, I wanted it to have a pinch of spice. If you’re a hot food lover like me then I suggest you inform the staff before hand to add up on the chillies!

As for the steak, it was done right just as how we asked, medium rare. It was definitely good, one that you’d expect in restaurants like that but well, we’ve had better steaks. And once you have your favourite steak, that’s just it.

I will soon dedicate a post for our favourite steak house mainly because they are just so amazing. <3 *SHOUTOUT TO GREEDY COW*

Let’s get back to Bill’s… 😛

So overall, the best part about Bill’s was their ambiance, it honestly calmed me down (I had a horrible day and when I say horrible, IT WAS VERY, VERY, VERY, BAD.) and I actually had a good time. The only drawback that I could think of is that it was a bit overpriced for students like us, our bill came up to about £45.00 for just the two of us. And also, the food wasn’t served hot/warm. P.s. I just realized that now. 😮

I’d suggest Bill’s if you wanna treat your other half to a lovely dinner (the candles were very romantic) or if you just wanna have good food in a good place during your bad days.

I forgot to mention that the staff were more than welcoming. They were very friendly… and they even let my bunny have his own lovely time!!

Oh welllll.

Stay tuned for more restaurant adventures!!!

See ya!


Mandy xx