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My name is Amandeep T. Singh, those who can’t pronounce my name call me Mandy and those who personally know me… well, call me by so many names. 😛


I’m 21 Years Old but I’m a child at heart. I like going on adventure rides and eating out, I enjoy travelling but hate sitting for long-haul trips.

6223 Scorpion woman so better watch out. 😉

When I’m not procrastinating, you’ll find me painting/sketching or writing various things. And if I ever go MIA, look for me in the nearby mall. I must be lost beneath those bags.


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  1. I’m a guy and I like your blog. Keep going!

  2. Youre so pretty! Love your latest up!! Keep writing!!!! -Miranda 🙂

  3. Love your blog first time I have read a blog and I love it!

    Brenna Sandhu
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