Marriages are sacred moments that are to be cherished forever. It doesn’t have to be extravagant and you don’t have to be the Duchess to make the best day of your life… well, the best. Sometimes the secret lies behind the words.  I haven’t planned  my special day yet (that’s a long way to go from now) but when it happens, I sure want the vows to be meaningful, something that would make me teary eyed not just on that day but for the rest of my life.

But how can you write the perfect vows anyways? Not everyone is born to be writers, for sure. What if you can’t put your feelings into words? Don’t “Google It”. Your day should be special. You don’t want your it to be “just another wedding”, do you?  

Thank God for Once Upon A Vow. Daniela’s wedding writing services will literally transform your own personal stories into magical and meaningful words to be remembered. She specializes in writing personalized wedding vows and wedding party speeches…plus she’ll also write the pages of your wedding website! Impress your guests and the love of your life with inspired wordsmithery.


Here’s a short and crisp conversation with Daniela, the person behind Once Upon A Vow.

  1. Why start Once Upon A Vow?

Couples who want to write their own vows choose to because traditional vows don’t fully encompass their quirks, their one-of-a-kind love, or their unique promises to each other for their marriage. Vows have evolved from ‘richer or poorer’ to include everyday promises like ‘I will admit when you’re right and let you forget when you’re wrong’. Because, let’s be honest, it’s the day-to-day moments that make up a marriage along with the big life-changing events.

At first most couples are filled with excitement to make these promises, but as time passes some find it challenging to articulate. What was once a beautiful idea has turned into this huge ordeal and the closer the date approaches, the stronger the whirlwind of stress comes with it. There are countless things couples agonies over when planning their wedding – the music, the food, the unwanted family drama, and the list goes on and on. Expressing your love and devotion shouldn’t be on this list.

That’s why I started Once Upon A Vow, to express love when it’s challenging to find the right words.

  1. Why are the words said at weddings so important?

Words are powerful beyond measure. They can inspire a revolution, change the world, and uplift us in unimaginable ways. At weddings, beautiful words have the power to create touching moments and joyous long-lasting memories. On the flip side, “funny” embarrassing words can poison the day and one’s memory of it. Even if people can’t recall what was said years later, people can vividly remember how they were made to feel. So it’s especially important to make sure that the words said at weddings are loving and kind.

If you want to know more, make sure to drop by their website and read about the wonderful stories of the happy couple that Once Upon A Vow has helped.


Have a magical night!


Mandy x

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