Step out of the mainstream category because I’m about to share the craziest things that will definitely make you stand out, you can give it as gift or simply show it off to your friends. Either way, you’re the winner.

1.The Melting Clock 

Forget about freezing time, melting time is the game!


2. The Coolest Lunch Box 

Be the cool mom/dad and send your kid to school in style! 


3. The Fridge Box

Speaking of lunch boxes, why not send the entire fridge instead?

bento-red-fridge-lunchbox-mustard_2_large4. Sexy Lady in the Shower

Tell your friends there’s a hot chick in YOUR shower!


5. First Aid Dispenser

Anyone up for a drink?



6. Owl Shaped Egg Stencil

Make that everyday breakfast look like a masterpiece!


7. Bullet Shaped Shot Glasses

Take a shot. Literally.





8. Stick Man Pen Holder

Pens are definitely stronger than swords!

9. Retro Tape Dispenser

Bring back the old school days by adding this dispenser on your desk!


10. Winter/Summer Salt and Pepper Dispenser

The best way to keep the “seasons” alive.


Fancy seeing some more? Then head over to for more of crazy gift ideas!

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Ciao <3

Mandyiary x